Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A new song or poem

All My Life

All My Life
I have been forced to fight
I've walked through Crazy's place
In search of the right road to take
And at times I did not know
If I could go on
Could I walk away from this all

And I'm down here upon my knees
Humbly asking please
Wont you guide me away from
broken roads
Wont you lift me up so I can go on
My fire burnt bright
long ago
I proclaimed It would never rain for me

Then I never said goodbye
Our last words spoken
from a morphine haze
I put down my pen which was my strength
I felt the angels tears rain down on me
I fell deep inside myself

But that cannot be anymore
I have two kids that I adore
I felt that I was tripped out of the gate
A feeling that I could not escape
And one that I hope they never feel
I want to build them the greatest place
A world where they don't feel all this

I'm down here upon my knees
humbly asking you please
Light my way out of the dark
So I can be what I imagined my Dad was

My hearts burning strong again
And with this chance I wont let it rain
I have picked up my pen again
and I'm ready to chase down my dreams

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