Sunday, August 19, 2012

White Noise

Hello out there........I had a super hard week and may freaked out some people near and dear to my heart as I sat in my car for a few hours but I think it will all work out fine. I think the pressure that mounts up upon one person's shoulders sometimes would be easier to handle if they had the type of people that surrounded me on Wednesday. The best news out of all of this is that my ideas in my mind have been silent and since Wednesday the thoughts are flyin all over. Just a brief stop here on the blog to tell all of you that read this to prepare because soon I am going to give you some really good thoughts......until then friends here is a poem I wrote after my mental break ..........


How kind to see you here
after all time thats passed
I know it gets hard
when you feel like your trapped
The pain grows great when you cant find your way
Remember Son
I'm just a gaze into the stars
So proud to see the man that
you have become
The kind of Dad I wish I would have been
Oh I am so proud that I gave you life
and you chose to live
Even with all the bad cards you were dealt 
Please know that I have always been here
Flying upon the rays of sun as they kiss your face
I see your smiles
I've tried to catch your tears
I've wrapped my arms around you
even though you cant feel
I hope the fire that burns in your heart
begins to rage
fuel for your heart
and those dreams that you'll chase
Go out and make all of them come true
Remember that you said
It will not rain
because of you
Enjoy those moments
that we were not fortunate to get
And love those kids with all
that you have
And when you have gone
as far as you can
I'll meet you where the sun
kisses trees into gold

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