Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here and hope to be staying.

Ok, now I am going to warn you that this post may not meet your expectations of what you may believe about the end of days. I do encourage you to respond to me because I like to hear all points of view and would love to hear yours.

So by now I am pretty sure that the world continues to spin and that the end of times are not starting today. As I first heard of this theory my immediate reaction was who gave the microphone to the insane man and let him give the service that called for the end of times.  My next reaction came as watched a few interviews with the people that actually believed that this rapture was going to take place on May 21, 2011. As I sat and listened to these people glorifying how on this date they were going to be swept away to Heaven and all the non believers would be left here to parish on October 21st, I began to have a problem with the whole idea.

My first problem is why is it that people are so easily convinced by a man or a group of men to throw away rationale thinking and fall into line like children following the Pied Piper out of town never to return. I know right there I may have lost some of you but trust me when I say I know of the rats story but if you research the Pied Piper you will find the original tells of children being led to their death. Back on track now. Over the years many people have listened with childlike ears to a crazed man claiming to be a prophet that eventually leads them to their death. How uneducated are people that they believe whatever people tell them without trying to research what they are being told? Jim Jones led 909 people to their death in 1978. Marshall Appelwhite led 39 people to their death when the Heaven's Gate group drank Kool Aid to try to catch a UFO flying behind the Hale Bopp comet in 1997. In Uganda in 2000 a group wanting restoration of the 10 commandments murdered over 150 people because the prediction of the end of the world failed to come true on December 31,1999. Sadly there are many more of these crazies out there the most recent being this group led by Harold Camping who predicted today was the end and look at me typing this blog 3 hours later.  All people should be able to recognize these people for what they are which to put it politely.....they are lonely geniuses......oh and liars.... Get a clue people if Jesus wanted to come back he would not ask a pervert to gather you all and sleep with your wives and children Ala David Koresh or Jim Jones. And he surely wouldn't enlist the guy from Poltergeist to make multiple wrong predictions....if you haven't seen Poltergeist, google the third movie find pictures of Nathan Davis from his role and you will see Harold Camping.

Now the second problem I have with the possibility of this event is the simple fact that I have always believed that life is about living. Every event that I have ever been through, every knee scrape, every tear, every laugh, every argument and every one I have ever loved have made me into the man I have become. As I listened to people that didn't believe the end was near state that they couldn't wait to leave their life I became a little unsettled. Those of you that have read my posts have probably came to know that I have a soon to be 2 year old daughter whom I adore and a 2 month old son that is the gift I had always felt I had been robbed of as a child. It is my goal to see them grow into. I want to see their first everything and I want to put the money under their pillow for lost teeth. I want the chance to teach them things like how to ride a bike or drive a car. I want to help with homework. Have a catch in the yard or even teach about people like MJ, Bird, Magic or Dr. J. I want to cheer after a recital, a play, a football game or even an academic challenge. I want see my daughter in her prom dress and Liam in his tuxedo when they go to prom. And I hope that I have the chance to walk my daughter down the aisle one day.

Living is what makes life great. Every single moment of it from the laughter to the sorrow, from the success to the failures. The moments you live through are what shape who you become. I have lived a very hectic life filled full of sad tumultuous moments and amazing moments filled of joy. Whether it be my father's death in 1978 from a lightning strike or the birth of my daughter in 2009, each moment has shaped who I am in my heart and my soul. I pray that my baby girl Belle and my son Liam have the same chance I have had to live life and define who they themselves are in this world.

Living is what makes life bearable